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from rejected student in Germany to the founder of the Study Gate

Hello, I’m Jamal, currently in my final year at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski in Bulgaria and the founder of Study Gate. My journey began when I faced rejection while trying to study medicine in Germany. Faced with a prolonged wait, I decided to take a different path and pursue my dream in Bulgaria.

I am dedicated to assisting other students and in the past 6 years i helped many students from different country to study in Bulgaria.

Remember, obstacles shouldn’t hinder your dreams. Bulgaria, with its beauty, has played a crucial role in my personal and academic development. Choosing to study medicine here has been the best decision of my life. To learn more about my university and Bulgaria journey, feel free to explore my blog.

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Success story study in Bulgaria

Who we are ?

from Students to Students

We are Education consultant Services that consist mainly of Doctors and medical students that aims to help the students register and Apply their Documents to the university in Bulgaria

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Our Mission

Open all the study Gate around the world

Our Goal is to offer a global smart-university service that anyone has access to anytime and anywhere with Best Service and Less Price. Student Goals are our Goals that we are working on by sharing our knowledge and investing our long experience helping the student reach their dreams.

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Why we are Different ?

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We operate and reside within the country. Unlike sellers or marketers located thousands of kilometers away, we actively engage in meaningful discussions and provide valuable guidance to students.”

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Our Team Consist of Doctors and Students

“Our team comprises both experienced doctors and dedicated students in Bulgaria ready to support and guide you throughout your journey.”

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“With over six years of experience in the educational service sector, we take pride in our confidence and expertise in delivering quality results.


“We provide the best and most affordable prices in the market, with our goal being to assist students without straining their budgets.”


“Monitor your application progress step by step with our Online Tracking System. Upon application, you will receive a tracking number from us, enabling you to stay informed at each stage of the process.”

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Details Explanation

“We provide comprehensive details on our website, sharing our knowledge to assist students in studying in Bulgaria. We offer free answers to all student inquiries, along with a step-by-step guide on studying and applying to universities in Bulgaria.”


“We engage with students daily, addressing their questions, ensuring timely guidance, and advising them to make informed choices.”


We continue to support our students after university admission, ensuring they have access to all the necessary study materials and books to facilitate their academic journey.”

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