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To ensure you stay informed and navigate the university application process seamlessly alongside us, we have developed a system. Upon applying, you will receive a tracking number via email. This tracking number allows you to monitor the status of your application. Furthermore, after completing each step, you will promptly receive notifications from us, keeping you updated with the latest information about your application.

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Tired of waiting for acceptance to study medicine?

Frustrated by limited capacity, stringent entry requirements, and high fees at medical universities? 

Look no further! Discover the solution in Bulgaria, where studying medicine is not only accessible but also offers a welcoming environment, reasonable entry requirements, and affordable education. Don’t let obstacles hinder your dream – embrace the opportunity to study medicine in Bulgaria.

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Here are various reasons to consider studying in Bulgaria.

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We believe that knowledge is meant to be shared and not concealed. we have made a commitment to assist all students preparing for entry exams in Bulgaria by providing free exam materials and books. Our aim is to empower every student with the resources needed to learn and develop

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University Application Process & Document Preparation

Every article on our platform is a product of our own experiences, aimed at placing essential information directly into the hands of students. We’ve invested considerable time and effort in thorough research to provide you with insights into

Explore our articles to benefit from our firsthand knowledge and guidance.

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We provide a diverse range of services designed to cater to students’ every need.

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We distinguish ourselves from others by not prompting students to contact us via text or email to obtain pricing. Instead, we offer fixed pricing plans accessible to everyone, irrespective of nationality, ensuring transparency and fairness for all.

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We are students and doctors based in Bulgaria, are here to assist you every step of the way – from university application to graduation. 

You have the opportunity to directly reach out to students and gain insights from them regarding the university and life in Bulgaria.

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Highly Recommended ! The application process was really difficult to do by myself , but The Study Gate made it feel easy . The Team expertise and guidance ensured that my application was successful , increasing my chances of acceptance.
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Student at medical university of Sofia
I was surprised to find that they offered the best prices in the market with the best service. Thank you for your work and effort
student review
First Year Student at Kliment Uni
The great Thing about you guys is your continous care and support . Really Amazing and highly recommended
Student Review
Student at medical university of Sofia
Awesome work ! thanks for guiding me through the appliaction Process from the beginning
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