University Admission

University Admission

Online Application Tracking Tools

The Study Gate is not just a regular student service agency, We are a smart Online student service that gives the students the opportunity to apply to the University, Upload their documents, and Track their applications ONLINE step by step through our modern online platform you can find information about the status of your application and what you have to do next, the documents you need to collect and detailed instructions on how to fill them out . 

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Application Preparation

We will tell you about the documents you need for your application and how to upload them online on our platform, so we can carefully check and approve them .

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Translation & Legalisation

It’s hard and costly work but you don’t need to worry because we will translate and notarize all necessary documents through our lawyers and translators.

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Certificate Equalization

We complete the process of equalization for foreign certificates, which is necessary for university enrollment.

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Send to the University

Once your documents are ready, we send your application file to the University without delay.

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The waiting period is always the most concerning. We will regularly visit the admission departments to track any updates.

After admission, we will help you complete the enrollment process, which includes paying your tuition fees, signing documents, and getting your student ID

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