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Study Dentistry in Bulgaria

Find the path to study Dentistry in Bulgaria including curriculum, requirements, and the reason for choosing Bulgaria.

Here is the guide to study in Bulgaria where the path to study dentistry in Bulgaria is discussed, it is among the best countries to study medicine, especially for studying dentistry in Europe. Universities in Bulgaria are offering all these programs in English Language so that International students don’t face any issues in pursuing their higher education in Bulgaria. It is located in Europe and contains top facilities to study dentistry in Europe, also known to be the cheapest country to study in Europe. Based on the below map, people who live in Asia mostly prefer Europe for higher studies and Bulgaria to study dentistry in Europe. Students who want to study dentistry in Bulgaria and other medical programs usually consider it because of the modernized system of Bulgaria.

Study Dentistry in Bulgaria: Universities

Varna Medical University

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Plovdiv Medical University

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Medical University of Sofia

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Reason to Study Dentistry in Bulgaria?

Low Tuition Fees: If we compare Bulgaria with other European countries in terms of fee structure then it can said that Bulgaria has the lowest fee per semester which is why it is among the best countries to study medicine. 

Programs in English: English-taught programs are offered by the Bulgarian University that encourage more International students to apply and study dentistry in Bulgaria.

Quality of Education: Bulgarian Dental Universities are providing quality education to students to study dentistry in Bulgaria through the use of the latest dental facilities in the region which have been recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Modern research facilities: Dental Universities in Bulgaria contain well-maintained and modern laboratories, use of which amplify the process of the research. These universities also provide hands-on training to the admitted students to use the latest tools in a laboratory which is why Bulgaria is among the best countries to study medicine.

Clinical exposure: Clinical training is also provided to the students for the development of their skills to handle patients in the real-world scenario.

Diversity of Cultures: Bulgaria possesses a diversity of cultures within it, where students may get exposure to other cultures and provide them with an opportunity to boost their knowledge about the practices adopted by people around the World.

Because of all these reasons an increase in admission applications has been seen in the past few years, where the number of students who want to pursue higher education is increasing, below is the attached graph published by BBC.

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University Applications versus time – (Path to Study Dentistry in Bulgaria)


The dental studies are designed in Bulgaria in a way that lasts for 6 years. The table that is shown below contains the structure type of courses with the time frame.

Type of CoursesPeriod
Pre-Clinical2 Years
Clinical3 Years
State Clinical 1 Year

To study dentistry in Bulgaria firstly students have to cover the Pre-clinical courses in the first year that include all the basis level courses that are required to be revised in the first 2 years of dental studies so that students can get well prepared before moving to the actual clinical courses. These courses usually include the basic subjects of medicine that are taught in dentistry to equip the medical students with the basic knowledge.

On the other hand, the clinical courses are the major courses that are taught over the period of three years to the students to prepare themselves to become professional dentists. whereas in the last year, the state clinical included courses that are mainly associated with the practices and strategies that are used in the Hospitals to assist the patients.

Study Dentistry in Bulgaria – Entry Requirements

Chemistry and Biology: The Dental school of Bulgaria is demanding the requirement of submitting a school leaving certificate, where the minimum score that is required for two mandatory subjects is 60%.

English Language: The students must have an English Proficiency Certificate before applying to any medical university to study dentistry in Bulgaria.

Qualification: The students are required to obtain 12 years of education from their home country before applying to secure admission to study dentistry in any top-ranked university dental school in Bulgaria, which is among the best countries to study medicine.

Exam Before Admission: All the dental schools of Bulgaria conduct the exam before admission as part of their admission process due to the high number of applications that are received, it is required to select the top deserving students to study dentistry, and the students must give the entrance exam to obtain the admission in any dental school of Bulgaria. 

Other requirements: To study dentistry, students must have to obtain a study visa, a document as proof of finance, passport-size photos, and a passport, to apply to study dentistry in Bulgaria.

Fee Structure

The fees that students may have to pay to study dentistry in Bulgaria vary based on the university but it can be said that it will in between 8000-9000 EUR per year. Students will have to pay the fee in two installments, this fee structure is considered less compared to other European countries for those who want to study dentistry which is why Bulgaria is among the best countries to study medicine.


There’s no doubt that Bulgaria is among the best countries to study medicine, especially to study dentistry. But before actually starting to study dentistry in Bulgaria, everyone out there must prepare the documents that have been mentioned in this guide, because these documents are required to study dentistry in Bulgaria. It is highly recommended to all of you to conduct thorough research before selecting the university to pursue dentistry study in Bulgaria. Moreover, the universities of Bulgaria offer students an opportunity to interact with students from all over the World while pursuing their courses in one of the best countries to study medicine. Based on the study of medicine in Europe reviews, Bulgaria is highly recommended to pursue the program of dentistry.

Here is the guide that has been written to introduce you to the top universities of Bulgaria to pursue dentistry study: (Add the link to the first blog here after uploading so that students can access that to get an idea).