Study Computer Science in Bulgaria

Study Computer Science in Bulgaria

Embarking on the academic journey to study computer science in Bulgaria offers a gateway to a world where innovation and technology converge against the backdrop of a rich cultural heritage. Bulgaria’s esteemed universities provide a dynamic environment for aspiring computer scientists, combining rigorous academic programs with the allure of a country at the crossroads of tradition and modernity. In this introduction, we will explore the unique opportunities that make Bulgaria an enticing destination for computer science education. From cutting-edge research facilities to a vibrant tech community, discover why pursuing computer science in Bulgaria is a pathway to both technical excellence and a captivating international experience.

Entry Requirements

  • Educational Qualifications:

    • Typically, you will need to have completed a secondary education or its equivalent, such as a high school diploma.
    • Some universities may have specific subject requirements, and often, a strong background in the sciences (biology, chemistry, physics) is preferred.

  • Entrance Examinations:

    • Many medical universities in Bulgaria require applicants to pass an entrance examination. This exam usually tests knowledge in subjects like biology and chemistry.
    • Some universities may also conduct an interview as part of the admissions process..
  • Application Documents:

    • You will likely need to submit a completed application form along with supporting documents, such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement.

How to Apply ?

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Prepare application Documents

Each Bulgarian university requires a different set of application documents

Sit an entrance exam

the exam takes place online but this may vary depending on the study program and the university of your choice. Furthermore, the subjects

Wait for university approval

After you pass the entrance exam and the university has reviewed your documents, it is time to know if you have received a spot at the university.