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American University in Bulgaria


The American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) is a distinguished private university that follows the American style of education and focuses heavily on liberal principles and arts. The University provides a high-quality American education at a low cost. The New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) has accredited AUBG in the United States. The Bulgarian National Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation has also accredited AUBG in Europe. Accreditations assure the highest standards and international recognition for degrees issued by the university.

The American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) is Eastern Europe’s first residential university. It offers multiple bachelor and MBA degrees. Over 1,000 students from more than 40 countries are studying at AUBG. Also, nearly 70 professors from more than 15 countries work at the university. AUBG has modern buildings and facilities that attract the eyes of visitors. Students enjoy world-class residential housing and many interesting and intriguing activities on the campus.


The American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) is located in Blagoevgrad city. This city has 80,000 inhabitants, 20,000 of which are actually students. This makes Blagoevgrad a truly student-friendly city. Since Blagoevgrad is small in size compared to other larger Bulgarian cities, students can easily find all they need in a few minutes.

The city has calm surroundings and many stores and restaurants. Students can both study and have a lot of fun when they visit the vibrant outdoor cafés and recreational facilities in Blagoevgrad. The natural beauty and tourism attractions in the city include the Rila Monastery, Rila Mountain’s Seven Lakes, and Sandanski’s spa town. When you visit the majestic Pirin Mountains, you will notice several ski resorts that attract many people in the winter. Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital, is an hour away from Blagoevgrad. Greece is also only an hour away. Istanbul (Turkey) is very easy to reach by car or bus.


The American University in Bulgaria was established in 1991 to become Eastern Europe’s first American-style liberal arts school. The institution is a joint initiative between the US and Bulgarian governments, Also the Open Society Institute, the City of Blagoevgrad, and the University of Maine have contributed to the formation of the AUBG. The university welcomed its first students and full-time faculty members when it initially opened its doors in September 1991. Roughly 1000 students from more than 40 countries are currently living and studying at the American University in Bulgaria. The university had graduated 5,000 students by May 2019.


Students can choose to enroll in one of the 13 bachelor programs offered by the university. It also provides joint venture executive master’s degrees with SDA Bocconi School of Management. The degrees cover subjects like finance, banking, and real estate. Here is a list of the 13 bachelor programs offered by AUBG:

  • Political Science and International Relations
  • Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Business Administration
  • History and Civilizations
  • Information Systems
  • Computer Science
  • European Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Self-designed major (Secondary Major)
  • Psychology (Secondary Major)
  • Literature (Secondary Major)
  • Physics (Secondary Major)


You must pass an interview if you want to study at the American University in Bulgaria. You also need to submit an application that contains transcripts, an essay, an application form, letters of recommendation, and English proficiency test. Applicants normally receive an official response within four weeks after submitting their application. The Admission Committee carefully evaluates each application before announcing the results.

Students can apply at any time, but the university is a selective university since its admission rate is only 70-80%. Students from all around the world are invited to apply for admission, but if they wish to enroll in the autumn or spring semester, they should carefully follow up on the university’s deadlines.

Student Life & Living Expenses

Bulgarian leva (BGN) is the local currency that you’re going to use on daily bases. When it comes to living expenditures in Blagoevgrad, you shouldn’t be concerned at all because it is remarkably cheap. Most of your budget will go for accommodation and tuition fees if you attend the American University in Bulgaria.

Blagoevgrad is a budget-friendly city. A delicious lunch in a restaurant can cost up to 8 EUR. Street food is also available for up to 3 EUR.  When it comes to transportation, a one-way bus ticket costs only 0.50 EUR inside the city. If you choose a taxi ride instead, you must pay around 3 EUR, depending on the duration of the journey.

At American University in Bulgaria (AUBG), students can participate in various activities that leave no place for boredom. On the campus, you can choose to join one of over 30 student groups and attend a variety of events and conferences. Also, you will have the chance to enroll in a GYM or use a jogging track, besides other facilities such as JMC studio and Mac lab.

AUBG also has one of the largest English-language libraries in Southeast Europe. Here you will get the chance to meet and exchange experiences with clever students from all over the world.

If you choose to go out with your friends, you will be able to visit a variety of cafés, restaurants, hiking trails, and historical sites in Blagoevgrad. Sofia so close. The same thing applies to Greece, North Macedonia, and Serbia, meaning that most Eastern European capitals are within your reach now.

AUBG holds its own Olympic games every year. Students engage in sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, boxing, and arm wrestling. The AUBG Griffins are the university’s football team. You may also notice table tennis, billiards, and aerobic training rooms when you walk in the campus’s halls.