You are currently viewing The Complete Guide for Required Documents for Admission in Bulgaria 

The Complete Guide for Required Documents for Admission in Bulgaria 

Hey there! Looking to dive into Bulgarian universities, specifically eyeing a spot in their medical programs? Feeling a bit lost in the maze of required documents? Don’t fret; we’re here to guide you through it all. While each university might throw in its unique quirks, here’s a breakdown of what’s typically needed when you’re aiming to pursue medicine in Bulgaria:

1. Student Application Form/ Declaration: Grab this forms in both English and Bulgarian from [link here].

2. High School Diploma: This one’s a big deal. Your high school diploma marks the completion of your secondary education. Make sure it’s notarized, translated into Bulgarian, and legalized or apostilled, depending on its origin. Don’t forget to check out our article on translation and legalizations.


A-levels or secondary school leaving certificates are accepted, while IGCSE, O-Levels, or AS-Levels won’t cut it for entry into the medicine program.

– For countries without a Bulgarian Embassy (check the link for specifics, like Kuwait), you’ve got two options: either legalize the documents in another country with a Bulgarian Embassy or let us handle it in Bulgaria.

-Applicants with failing marks in Biology or Chemistry on their secondary school documents won’t be considered for admission. Elective Biology and Chemistry grades won’t count either. 

– BTEC, Foundation, and Bio-Medical Science qualifications won’t make the cut either. If your high school diploma shows Science or Additional Science instead of Biology and Chemistry, a certified letter from your school specifying the subjects is needed.

3. Transcripts: Round up those academic transcripts detailing your high school courses and grades. Yep, you guessed it – notarize, translate, and legalize or apostille these too.

4.The “Удостоверение” or “Udostoverenie” in Bulgarian is a formal certificate issued by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science. It confirms the completion of secondary education by individuals who studied at non-Bulgarian secondary schools. This official document is significant as it recalculates grades attained in different subjects to align with the Bulgarian grading system. Of particular importance, it includes recalculated grades in Biology and Chemistry subjects.

Obtaining this document usually takes anywhere from two weeks to a month. To acquire it, the process must be completed within Bulgaria. Explore our detailed article to learn more about how to obtain this essential certificate.


5. Eligibility letter :

a Document Certifying Education Rights: This one confirms your eligibility to pursue higher education post-secondary school. Get it legalized and translated into Bulgarian. Feeling stuck with these papers? Hit us up for solutions.

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6. Proof of Citizenship: Don’t forget your passport photo!

7. Photos: Two passport-sized photos – say cheese!

8. Power of Attorney: If you can’t make it in person to submit your application to MU-Sofia, a legalized and Bulgarian-translated power of attorney is your solution.

-Transfer Student Requirements:** If transferring from another medical university, both local and foreign, bring all the previous documents and toss in your academic transcript, legalized and translated into Bulgarian.

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Great job on getting all your documents ready! Now, let’s dive into the next stage of the university application process Here !

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