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Certificates Equalizing in Bulgarai

Equalizing of High School Certificates in Bulgaria

Decoding Udostoverenie: Your Key to Validating Non-Bulgarian Secondary Education”

Equalizing of High School Certificates in Bulgaria

The “Удостоверение” or “Udostoverenie” in Bulgarian serves as a formal certificate issued by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science, validating the completion of secondary education for individuals who attended non-Bulgarian secondary schools. This official document holds significance as it adjusts grades earned in various subjects to conform to the Bulgarian grading system, with a focus on recalculated grades in Biology and Chemistry.

Where to Apply:

Equalizing of High School Certificates in Bulgaria
Equalizing of High School Certificates in Bulgaria

Department: “Administrative-legal, financial-economic and information services”

Address: Sofia, Stolichna community, Sofia 1303, St. “Antim I” №17, 4th floor, room 401

Contact phone: (02)9356050

E-mail address:

Working hours: Standard working hours, from 08:30 to 5:30 p.m.

Procedure and Required Documents:

  • Application Form Download
  • High School Certificate
  • Eligibility Letter: a document specifying the rights conferred by the school education or professional qualification document for further education
  • Reference to studied subjects with timetable and grades (if not in the original document)
  • Document for paid tax
  • Power of attorney with a notarized signature authorizing submission to RUO – Sofia-city

Note: Submit both original documents and certified copies; originals are returned after certification.

Processing Time: Up to 1 month

Fees and Payment:

  • Fees: 35 lv
  • Payment methods: Bank transfer to UBB, “Princess Maria Luisa” branch (IBAN: BG57UBBS80023106075808) or via POS terminal at RUO – Sofia-city with Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, or Maestro cards.

Case Study : Ahmed’s Equivalization Journey

Ahmed was an international student from Saudi Arabia who knew getting his certificate equallized wouldn’t be easy. He was unsure of what he needed or what to do.

But with us on their side they were able to know exactly what they needed. Our experts gave him a clear list of requirements and guided him through the application process as well as getting translations that would fit properly with the Bulgarian education system. This way he didn’t have to worry about it anymore.