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Beautiful Bulgaria: 8 Places You Must Visit!

Beautiful Bulgaria: 8 Places You Must Visit!

Bulgaria is a gorgeous country in the Eastern part of Europe. Students in Bulgaria are lucky enough to have the time to discover one of the most exciting places on earth. Next, we will introduce you to some exciting places that you must visit in the country.


You must visit Sofia to learn about the fascinating history of this wonderful Balkan country. Sofia, Europe’s second-oldest settlement, may not be a huge metropolis, but it is culturally rich, with a variety of galleries, museums, and parks.

Sofia defines the true history of Bulgaria as it contains the remnants of Ottoman culture and socialist landmarks that shaped Bulgarian heritage. Sofia is a fantastic place for a shopping and simple break with friends to experience the amazing nightlife. it is also surrounded by natural landscapes, thanks to the nearby Vitosha mountains. You can spend a day or two in Sofia visiting gorgeous churches and seeing Roman relics.


Plovdiv is a city where history, culture, and legacy coexist. Indeed, it is a city with a vibrant vibe and creative and modern touches, making it a hub for cultural exchange. As Bulgaria’s cultural capital, Plovdiv hosts a lot of national and international events and festivals, giving it the name of the European Capital of Culture. When you visit the city, you will be able to see magnificent monuments and thrilling architecture that transcend time.


Ruse is the fifth-largest city in Bulgaria and is often known as Little Vienna. The city sits on the banks of the Danube River, 300 kilometers northeast of Sofia (Bulgaria’s capital) and 75 kilometers south of Bucharest (Romania’s capital). You can walk with your friends along the river or take a Danube cruise.

Also, you can visit UNESCO-listed churches, chapels, and monasteries. The city has breathtaking architecture and a sense of grandeur, unlike other modern Bulgarian cities. Some buildings have a history that back to the 19th and 20th centuries.


Varna is known as Bulgaria’s sea capital and is one of the country’s most popular summer attractions. People enjoy the yellow-sand beaches, the sea, and the sun.  The Sea Garden is one of the city’s most visited spots.

You may also visit the National Maritime Museum, the Archeological Museum, or the Varna Aquarium. The city hosts a variety of events and festivals to keep visitors occupied during the summer, including a music festival, an international ballet competition, a jazz festival, and a folklore festival.


Burgas is one of the most popular spots on the southern coast of the Black Sea. It’s a primarily modern city with green parks, which makes it unique and separate from the historic cities in other parts of the country. Burgas also hosts some of Bulgaria’s most vibrant music events, such as Spirit of Burgas, which takes place every summer. Burgas also has a gorgeous trio of lakes that run from west of Vaya to the salty waters of Atanasovsko in the north. The sandiest beach in Burgas is North Beach.

Trigrad Gorge & Devil’s Throat Cave

Visitors from all around the world come to the Rhodope Mountains in southern Bulgaria just to see the Trigrad River, which carves a 7-kilometer-long canyon. There is a single road that connects the Trigrad River to the neighboring town of Devin, and it leads to the “Devil’s Throat”, which is located at the bottom of the canyon’s biggest cliff. The river cascades into the cave, creating a stunning 42-meter underground waterfall.


Bansko is a popular destination in southwest Bulgaria. In the winter, it is one of Bulgaria’s most popular tourist attractions. People visit the city to enjoy the amazing ski resorts at the bottom of the Pirin Mountains in the Pirin National Park.

Each year, many Bulgarians, Russians, and Europeans come to Bansko to enjoy thrilling skiing experiences at elevations ranging from 900m to 2600m. The old town of Bansko presents 19th-century homes and museums. The stone-and-timber homes were originally protected from the Turks by fortress-style walls.


Visitors come to this remote region of Bulgaria by a route starting from the Balkan Northern Mountains. They usually enjoy the surreal geological treasures that hide on the outskirts of Belogradchik town. The Belogradchik Rocks display hoodoos and anthropomorphic monoliths that contributed to the creation of legends and folk myths in the region. There is also a huge Belogradchik Fortress complex dating back to Roman times.