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How to Find Halal Food in Bulgaria?

How to Find Halal Food in Bulgaria?

Islam is a minority religion in Bulgaria, yet it is the country’s second-largest religion after Christianity. If you’re a faithful follower of Islam, you certainly will realize how tough it is to find Halal restaurants in Bulgaria that provide Halal products and meat. Halal food refers to food products that were prepared in accordance with Islamic dietary laws or requirements.

According to the holy book of Islam (Qur’an), Muslims are forbidden from eating pork byproducts and animals that were dead before slaughtering. Also, in Islam, slaughtering animals should follow certain criteria; otherwise, the food should not be given the description “Halal”. Thankfully, many supermarkets in Bulgaria start to sell halal-stamped products to satisfy the needs of Muslims in the country. Yet, it is still challenging to find a lot of halal products in the market.

How to Spot Halal Food Restaurants in Bulgaria?

Most Muslim students face difficulty choosing the right food products and restaurants when they live in Europe, including Bulgaria. Above all, most European restaurants offer pork and other meat varieties that Muslims try to avoid. If you’re a student in Bulgaria, you can stick to the following recommendations to spot restaurants that deliver halal foods:

Look for the Turkish Food!

Since Bulgaria was part of the Ottoman empire, it is unsurprising to see a lot of highly praised Turkish restaurants in the country. Often, Turkish restaurants follow the Islamic dietary laws and prepare amazing meals that contain goat and sheep meat, instead of pork. It will be easy for you to find Turkish restaurants. Just ask anyone and they will guide you! You simply can tell them “Where can I eat the best Turkish kebab!?” You will hear a lot of strong opinions!

Look for the Arabic Food!

Arabs are known for being highly devoted Muslims. In Sofia, you can try Arabic food, which most likely is halal and highly comply with Islamic laws. A lot of Arabic restaurants are available for you. In fact, there is an entire street called “Arab street”, which hosts bakeries and restaurants that sell delicious Arabic pastries and meals. The prices are usually cheap and affordable too.

Try the Indian Food!

India has the largest population of Muslims in the world! Indeed, the number of Muslims in India is equal to or nearly exceeds their number in all of the Arab world! So, you may find Indian restaurants that may serve halal food or products. Of course, Indian food is known for its spicy flavors and amazing scents. You will be introduced to a variety of rice dishes and spicy salads.

Popular Halal Restaurants in Sofia

Here are some Halal restaurants in Sofia:

  • Turquoise Restaurant: This is a Turkish restaurant that not only offers Eastern European meals but also Turkish and Islamic halal meals. The restaurant has become popular among vegetarians because it provides many meat-free dishes.
  • Furna Restaurant: For people who prefer fast food and ready-to-eat meals, Furna Restaurant might be the one you’re looking for. Here you will get the chance to try halal pies and croissants.
  • Zeko Restaurant: Zeko is known for its grills and appetizers, including Hummus Salad. Their menu contains a lot of famous Turkish and oriental dishes too. Many people prefer Zeko due to their cheap pricing and affordable dishes.
  • Indian Kohinoor Restaurant: As the name suggests, Indian Kohinoor Restaurant is geared toward people who like Indian dishes, especially Biryani and Tandoori chicken. Additionally, you can find Pakistani meals and other dishes that belong to other Asian cuisines.
  • Annette Restaurant: If you come from an African country, you must visit Annette restaurant in Sofia. Here you will find diverse Moroccan and Arabic dishes and appetizers.