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How to Prepare for the University Entry Test in Bulgaria?

How to Prepare for the University Entry Test in Bulgaria?

Obviously, you need to pass an entrance exam to be fully enrolled in universities in Bulgaria, especially if you seek a medical degree. Unsurprisingly, students who wish to study medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, or even veterinary medicine usually find themselves in a difficult situation because of this requirement. The subjects covered in the test may vary, but they usually revolve around biology and chemistry.

Students can take the test online, but this varies based on your study program and university of choice. You need to realize how important are the results of this test because, they control the odds of your admission, especially if seats are limited and the university ranks all candidates according to their grades. Thus, you need to study seriously and pass the test at all costs!

Why There Is an Entry Test?

In short, universities want to test the level of knowledge and readiness of candidates. Fortunately, the test will cover many of the areas that you’re supposed to be studying in high school. Therefore, you will certainly find a lot of easy and familiar questions that you can easily answer.

Nevertheless, the test also will include questions beyond the scope of the high school curriculum. Many of these questions have to deal with the human body and physiology. This shouldn’t surprise you since you’re traveling to Europe to study medicine or dentistry. To strengthen your position, you need to review some materials and study for the test to ensure successful admission. Thankfully, there are a lot of ways to study and prepare yourself for this test. Next, you will learn all you need the prepare for your upcoming test

How to Prepare for the Test?

Students can easily understand and answer the test’s questions after studying certain materials and books. The test usually contains multiple-choice questions. Most students prepare for the test by:

Read Textbooks

You can easily get textbooks that contain thorough explanations and clarifications for the main subjects in the test. Some of these books are written and edited by professional doctors who have firsthand knowledge about the syllabus and curriculum of major Bulgarian universities, especially Sofia Medical University. These textbooks were prepared exclusively for students, and they contain all the knowledge and information you’ll need to pass the test.

Check Previous Test Questions

Some student agencies allow students to access an exclusive bank of questions with answers and explanations. Obviously, this is the easiest way to familiarize yourself with test questions. You need to read and answer previous questions as many as you can, so you will be able to answer the test questions no matter how they’re phrased.

Enroll in Special Courses

Some student agencies also organize special courses for students to go over most subjects of the test. This will allow you to meet and discuss your concerns with experienced instructors. In addition, you will get an opportunity to chat with other students who already have taken the test.

Watch Test Videos

Apparently, the easiest way to understand the test questions is to watch explanatory videos on the internet. This is a great option for students who don’t like to read textbooks and, instead, prefer to see videos. You can check YouTube or other major video-sharing platforms to search for videos that discuss the subjects of the test.