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Pleven Medical University


Pleven Medical University is one of Bulgaria’s main five medical colleges. Its birthdate backs to 1974, when the authorities decided to expand the boundaries and size of the City’s Hospital, which was founded before in 1865. Today, the university has educational and therapeutic facilities, a large University Hospital with over 1000 beds and clinics, besides Many other clinics and research units equipped with modern diagnostic and treatment equipment to provide a sturdy ground for treating patients and educating students. 


Pleven is located in the north of Bulgaria and hosts the administrative headquarters of Pleven Province. It also Bulgaria’s seventh most populated city with a population of 106,000 inhabitants. The city becomes a key commercial hub in the Bulgarian Northwest and Central North. 

Indeed, Pleven is the third-largest city in Northern Bulgaria after Varna and Rousse.  Pleven, despite its small size, has been on the map for about 2,000 years. The ancient town was founded on the ruins of Storgosia, one of the Roman Castles. Its current name came from the Slavs, who arrived a few centuries later.


Pleven Medical University was formed in 1974 above the foundations of an older regional hospital that had been built in 1865. The institution started to offer a medicine program in English for international students in 1997, making it Bulgaria’s first English-language medical program. 

Medical University Pleven had more than 4080 Bulgarian and 580 international students from 45 different countries in the early 2000s. It was accepting around 750 new students per year. Two-thirds of the students are Bulgarians, and the rest are foreigners.

We can’t speak about Pleven Medical University’s history without speaking about the history of the city itself. The first evidence of the human presence in the area dates to the 5th millennium BC. The area was a home for Thracians; a rich civilization that left many archaeological findings, such as the Nikolaevo treasure. 

Many Bulgarians reminisced the Siege of Plevna in 1877 when they hear the word “Pleven”. The events of the late 18th century at Pleven were crucial in the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire. The bulk of the monuments you’ll see in the city depict Pleven’s role during this turbulent period, with both Russians and Romanians losing their lives during the Siege of Plevna. 


Pleven Medical University contains enough departments to train and educate students on all theoretical and clinical matters. More than 6000 Bulgarian and international students from more than 30 countries have graduated from the university. However, the university is primarily divided into two faculties: the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Public Health. It has a college too. Here is more information about them:

Faculty of Medicine: Professors and lecturers in this faculty focus on teaching medical subjects and rehabilitative and occupational therapies

Faculty of Public Health: Focuses on health care. It also includes a medical college. You can choose to study nursing and health Management.

Medical college: here you can study radiology, medical laboratory, and social work. 


If you want to study in English, you must complete an entrance test that includes multiple-choice questions about biology and chemistry. You should include an internationally recognized language certificate in the application file to demonstrate your English language competency. If you don’t have one, then don’t worry! the university provides an English language preparation course that lasts for one year.

Your application files will be evaluated by a committee designated by each faculty. Usually, the first-year English-language students begin their academic year in February and end in December. Each year divides into two semesters (16 weeks each). Students will be given 2 weeks holidays for Christmas and Easter. 

Your education journey needs 6 years to complete, and you can study medicine in English without trouble. The following is a summary of your journey if you choose to study medicine:

  • 2 years of theoretical study.
  • 3 years of clinical training.
  • 1 year of practical training or internship

Student Life & Living Cost

Pleven Medical University has reasonable tuition prices. They are less expensive than the fees charged by Bulgaria’s other prominent higher education institutions. The annual tuition rate is 7500 EUR, with each semester costing around 3750 EUR. 

When combined with the low cost of living in Pleven and Bulgaria in general, the university becomes very favorable for students who want to study medicine abroad without breaking their bank accounts. 

The university also provides students with opportunities to participate in exchange programs such as ERASMUS and LEONARDO DA VINCI programs. Each year, the university organizes an International Conference of Medical Sciences for Students and Young Doctors as part of the University’s annual conferences. As an international student in Bulgaria, you will be able to work a part-time job, but you need to search for that. 

As a student in Pleven, you will enjoy a substantially cheaper life than those who choose other major Bulgarian cities. While students in the capital city need around 350-400 EUR per month for rent, international students in Pleven pay roughly half that amount. You will also enjoy the rich culture and the astonishing activities held in the city from time to time! 

Don’t forget to visit the ancient towns and avenues in Pleven during your holidays. You can see the remains of the Roman strongholds in Kailaka Park, which is located in the city’s southeast part. The rumors speak about the hidden wealth of the Second Bulgarian Empire in Kailaka. Some claim that the remains of Ivan Shishman and the royal treasures and chariots are still buried in a hidden chamber erected by local monks. It seems there is a lot of adventures and activities waiting you in Pleven!