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Reasons to Study in Bulgaria

Reasons to Study in Bulgaria

Bulgarian universities have witnessed revolutionary improvements in their infrastructures, laboratories, and programs. They try to attract students from all over the world by offering different programs and degrees entirely in English. International students frequently ask about Bulgaria and the prospect of studying in Bulgarian universities as many students have successfully graduated from the country and spoke openly about their positive experiences.

Indeed, more than 1000 students choose to relocate to Bulgaria each year to continue their education. By selecting Bulgaria, you will receive multiple benefits and advantages. For instance, you will get a recognized European degree without paying high fees. You will also enjoy a country rich in history, culture, and amazing cuisine. Next, we will show you more reasons why you must choose Bulgaria as your next destination for education.

High-Quality Education

Bulgaria, as a member of the European Union, has developed its educational system and infrastructures to comply with high standards. Most colleges have beautiful new campus buildings and facilities that attract students from all over the world. Some universities have successfully reached high ranks on the ladder of global education.

Sofia and Plovdiv Medical Universities, for instance, are ranked among the best universities in the world. Sofia University host more than 3000 international students. The quality of education in Bulgaria attracts students who want to get degrees in not only medicine, but also in history, law, mathematics, engineering, and even art.

Internationally Recognized Diplomas

Since 2007, Bulgaria has been a member of the European Union. As a result, if you choose to study in Bulgaria, your diploma will be recognized not just in Europe, but also all over the world, allowing you to pursue a variety of employment options following graduation. Bulgarian universities also have formed partnerships with many businesses and organizations that provide internships and jobs for students after graduation.

Culturally- Rich Environment

Bulgaria attracts many international students and workers regardless of its relatively small size compared to other European countries. The country hosts a lot of cultures and ethnicities because it is between Europe and Asia. When you visit the country, you will notice the degree of tolerance between Christians, Muslims, Jews, and other faiths. The cities of Sofia and Plovdiv host the most famous Bulgarian universities. The two cities are large in population, so expect to encounter interesting cultural activities when you visit them. In Bulgaria, international students are diverse and the number of people who speak English is high. It will be easy for you to find local friends who can assist you during your stay in the country.

Fabulous Culinary Heritage

Not just your brain will be fed, but also your tummy! Bulgarian cuisine is diverse, but it usually focuses on salads and vegetables. The “lyutenits” is a traditional dish that you will encounter frequently during your stay in the country. The dish contains a paste made of pepper, tomato, and eggplant. Meat dishes, such as kebabs, are also popular in Bulgaria. Many Bulgarian dishes are made of cucumbers, onions, and cabbage, and they’re usually served with bread. Speaking of bread, Bulgarians love bread! It is cheap and comes in different shapes and flavors.

Gorgeous Landmarks

Bulgaria has numerous attractions and fascinating landmarks. You can enjoy beaches on the Black Sea or have your own adventures by walking through amazing forests. Bulgaria’s must-see attractions include:

  • Bakadjika-Bakadzhitsite
  • The seven Rila lakes
  • Candlestrick Tomb
  • St. Sophia Church
  • Paleokastro
  • Shipka

Easy Travel & Transportation  

Because Bulgaria is a small country, everything is easily accessible and reachable by conventional transportation means. Only 500 kilometers is the distance between one end of Bulgaria and the other end. You can choose to spend your time in the highlands in the morning and the gorgeous beaches on the black sea in the late afternoon. Getting around cities is easy because they have developed public transportation systems. Bulgaria has four major international airports, so you can easily plan to come and go to your home country without worry!

Welcoming & Friendly People

Bulgarians are hardworking individuals with sophisticated levels of intellect and culture. They love life and joyful parties. International students who have visited Bulgaria have always described Bulgarians as welcoming and kind people. Students who want to spend good times and meet new friendly people can choose Bulgaria. It is also a great option to form new friendships and expand your social network.

Affordable Living Costs

Students usually have limited budgets as they depend on their parents or sponsors to finance their studies. If you feel yourself in such this condition, you should choose Bulgaria for your abroad study because living in Bulgaria is remarkably cheaper compared to other European countries. It is a wonderful alternative if you want to get a European degree without getting under the burden of high living costs as the case in other European countries.

Affordable Tuition Fees

Even if international students pay more fees than locals, the overall cost of education in Bulgaria is still substantially lower than in other European nations. Bulgarian universities offer international students the chance to get high-quality education with relatively affordable fees. Medical students in particular are lucky as they pay much lower fees than their colleagues who study in other European countries. 

Great Weather Conditions

You will enjoy the moderate climate in Bulgaria as you will witness the magnificence of 4 seasons around the year. Snow covers most regions in the country in the winter. The temperature drops to 2 to 3 degrees below zero in January. in the summer, however, the weather becomes more pleasing as the temperature climb to 25-26 degrees.