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Why Bulgaria Stands Out As The Best Countries to Study Medicine

Find the best countries to study medicine, where professionalism and top-notch education are waiting for you. 

Education is the key to a successful life, especially in the medical field is known as the most renowned and valuable field. Students want the best places to study in Bulgaria; therefore, finding a university that provides post-graduation employment options, and living and tuition expenses melts the hearts. Over the past decade, 39.09% of students have reportedly to be migrated to Bulgaria to pusruse medicine. The number has significantly risen to 15% from 2021 to 2022. There are many perks associated with the best countries to study medicine students that require having excellent communication, problem-solving, and teamwork abilities. Therefore, Bulgarian universities propose exceptional education to everyone. As per the statistics conducted in 2023 by professionals, Bulgaria scores 65.97% as the best European country for medical infrastructure. We’ll scrutinize some of the best universities to study in Bulgaria, which are filled with clinical research development and exciting day-to-day activities. Here is the list of the best countries to study medicine.

best countries to study medicine.

Find Top Medical Universities in the Best Countries to Study Medicine 

University St. Kliment Ohridski

It is considered one of the best universities to study in Bulgaria, providing a spectrum of study options. From politics to economics and medicine to psychology, the university draws students’ attention through cutting-edge programs and exciting curriculum. Located in the heart of Europe, the university offers a great cultural experience. Promising a bright future and being the most reliable university in Bulgaria. 

Medical University of Sofia

It is among the top medical schools to study in Bulgaria. The university proposes its courses in English and provides pharmacy, dentistry, and medicine. Due to its central location in the nation’s capital, students can benefit from a variety of extracurricular activities, a multicultural atmosphere, and Bulgaria’s largest international airport. If you want to study in the best countries to study medicine, foster a global network, and create an aspiring community to excel in the future. 

Plovdiv Medical University

Students from around 45 different countries have graduated from Plovdiv. It is the best university to study in Bulgaria, which proposes a moderate climate that suits many international students. The university comprises numerous research centers and contemporary lecture halls, situated in the second-biggest city in Bulgaria. Plovdiv is regarded as one of the oldest universities in Europe, and being near the airport is a huge plus. It’s approximately a 30-minute drive from the city center, which makes it the best Bulgaria medical university in the country. 

Why Study in Bulgaria

You might be wondering if studying in Bulgaria will benefit you or not. Fret not! According to us, four key factors draw international students to Bulgaria: globally recognized degrees, fantastic post-graduation employment prospects, reasonably priced living and tuition expenses, and a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

In order to become authorities in their subject of interest, a lot of students decide to work overseas or apply to PhD programs. Whichever path you decide on, you will benefit from a high employment rate for recent graduates and work in a rapidly evolving profession that seeks to raise the standard of healthcare provided globally.


In addition, compared to other European nations, studying in Bulgaria has lower living costs and tuition rates. For example, the monthly rent for a contemporary apartment in the capital city’s city center is approximately 350 EUR, which is a price that is hard to match elsewhere. Additionally, the annual tuition for top colleges in Western Europe is far greater than the tuition rates for Medicine in English, which range from 7000 to 9000 EUR each academic year. We have produced in-depth articles regarding the cost of living in several Bulgarian cities in addition to answers to commonly asked queries concerning Bulgarian tuition rates.

English Curriculum: Perks of Studying in Bulgaria

The two biggest cities are Sofia and Plovdiv, both of which are rich in culture, history, and variety and provide education in English. As for requirements, all Bulgarian colleges offering English-language medical degrees have already instituted an entrance exam in biology and chemistry. Now and then, candidates have to pass an English language exam. Furthermore, a set of application materials must be created and submitted in compliance with the university’s policies and deadlines. 

Almost one thousand international students are welcomed each year by Sofia Medical University and Plovdiv Medical University due to their flexible programs. The majority of students are from Sweden, India, Pakistan, Germany, Italy, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. In fact, students from diverse religious backgrounds find desirable programs and variations in subjects that make the route more manageable for them. You can also find the best countries to study medicine on the internet to make a well-informed decision. The largest shopping malls provide international eateries and brands that will make you feel like you’ve always stayed at home!

Cost to Study in Bulgaria

As was previously noted, the cost of tuition for medicine in English in Bulgaria varies from 7000 to 9000 EUR each academic year. At the beginning of the winter semester and the summer semester, respectively, students pay half of their tuition. You pay your tuition in two installments. Students typically apply for student loans in their native country in order to find the best countries to study medicine because of its large number of open university spaces, cheap admission requirements compared to other medical universities in Europe, and other considerations. 

Bulgaria presents an excellent chance for students who wish to study medicine. They offer application services to assist students in meeting deadlines for preparing their documents and achieving high test scores. Furthermore, study medicine in Bulgaria for your bright future with comprehensive, flexible programs that are affordable and worthwhile. So. embark on an exciting future by studying in Bulgaria!