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Medicine Specialization in Bulgaria

Medicine Specialization in Bulgaria

Many students are eager to visit Bulgaria and study in its universities for multiple reasons. First of all, Bulgaria is a member of the European Union and is located in the center of Europe. Bulgarian universities are known for their low tuition fees and easy admissions criteria, and, most crucially, their internationally recognized degrees. 

Actually, Bulgaria is well-known for both its inexpensive tuition fees and its high-quality education, which makes it a great option for those who want to study medical sciences, including medicine and pharmacy. 

For medical students who want to take their careers to next level, there are numerous educational options in Bulgarian universities. They have experienced professors and breathtaking campus buildings. They also offer internship opportunities with collaboration with other universities to let their students study for a semester or two in different settings during an academic year. 

Language and living Expenses

English language is usually the language of choice for foreign students studying medicine in Bulgaria. Fortunately, most medical colleges in Bulgaria have chosen English as the main educational language for their students.  But, as a doctor, you must be able communicate effectively and work closely with others, understand their needs and problems, and solve their problems. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have a good command of the Bulgarian language. 

You can do so by taking a 9-month preparatory course that will get you up to B2 level. This preparatory course is normally held at your university, so you will be able to know your university and build new relationships with your friends much earlier.

When it comes to tuition fees and life expanses, Bulgaria is significantly cheaper than other countries in the region. As a medical student, you are expected to pay around 7000-8000 EUR per year as a tuition fee, depending on universities’ admission criteria. Keep in mind that the duration of the study is six years. If you are thinking now about accommodation, we can tell you that with only 350 EUR per month, you can rent a great apartment in the city, close to the center. 

Admission criteria

To be considered for admission, universities usually require applicants to take a Biology and Chemistry entrance exam. Some universities additionally require applicants to pass an English test if they want to take all courses in English. Internships are part of most university’s curriculum, and students receive a Master’s degree upon graduation.

You will need to have high school diploma or equivalent, with at least 62 percent of average high school performance in Biology and Chemistry. Those subjects are the basic requirements for further university medical studies in most medical schools in Bulgaria for non-European Union (EU), European Union area (EEA), and Switzerland medical university candidate students.

As a medical student candidate, you must be able to fund your medical studies in Bulgaria on your own, whether through student loans, you parents or sponsors’ money, or other means.

Best Bulgarian Universities for Studying Medicine

If you are looking for universities that offer medical degrees in English, we are glad to mention the following for you:

Sofia Medical University: Sofia Medical University is one of Bulgaria’s most prestigious and marvelous medical schools. Because the university is located in the city center, students would be able to enjoy a variety of historical sites and entertaining activities. Choosing English as a language of education for medicine will usually cost a fee of 8000 EUR a year. You can study Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy in English as well.

The Medical University of Varna:  This one is also a good choice if you wish to study medicine in Bulgaria. It is the first university in Bulgaria to implement an excellent quality management model. European Union countries recognize the diplomas issued by the University. The university is in an ideal location for those seeking a pleasant weather and multicultural community. The annual tuition rates are 8000 EUR a year.

Plovdiv Medical University: This one is located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria’s second largest city. Plovdiv is renowned as one of Europe’s most ancient cities. Plovdiv university is also one of Bulgaria’s leading medical universities. You are expected to pay around 8000 EUR per year if you choose to study medicine in English at this university. Many research centers and contemporary lecture halls are located on the university’s campus, which might be great news for those who plan to do advanced medical research.

Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski: This is another university in Bulgaria’s capital city that also teaches Medicine in English. It offers a variety of programs in other fields as well, such as Politics, Economics, Philosophy, and Psychology. Many consider this university as one of Bulgaria’s top higher education institutions. It could cost you around 7700 EUR a year if you choose to study Medicine in English at this university.

Trakia University: If you choose this university to study medicine, you will enjoy remarkable lower life expenses because it is located in the city of Stara Zagora, which is Bulgaria’s most cheap destination. Indeed, a large number of international students choose this exact university for this reason, beside other reasons, such as its high quality of education and its historical and cultural value. You will pay around 7000 EUR a year if you choose to study Medicine in English at this university.

Pleven Medical University: Medicine is also taught at Pleven Medical University in English. It’s located in a city called Pleven, which is about 200 kilometers from Sofia. The university has research sections and a hospital with specialized clinics. It also has two main faculties, the faculty of medicine and the faculty of public health. Students usually pay 7500 EUR a year if they are willing to study medicine in English. 

Postgraduate Medical Specialization in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, all medical universities provide postgraduate medical specialty programs for medical students. If you successfully completed a 6-year medical education and get you degree or diploma (a higher education diploma in medicine), you will have the access to postgraduate medical specialization that can move you to other European countries.